Knowing your crowdsource from your open source

Do you know your crowdsource from your open source?  As a result of an earlier post it’s now part of a research project I’ve been getting to grips with.  Open source certainly gave birth to the idea of crowdsourcing and the two strategies do share some common characteristics there are also some very key differences as shown in the table below.  What do you think? Is there anything missing? Perhaps you have some thoughts on the corporate communicator’s role in the process?  Remember you saw it here first, if you use this table please cite appropriately.


Open Source


Someone has been or could be employed to do this job

Open call

Request generally initiated by an organisation


Request generally initiated by individuals


Participation requires: knowledge, skills, or ability

Payment or financial reward for participation



Intellectual property and distribution rights are owned by initiator


Participants can see, comment or amend other participants contributions


Participants choose when and how much they wish to participate

Parameters to participation are more likely to be defined

Participants benefit from the solution

Only if their individual solution/idea is used/chosen

Project/content creation is generally ongoing

Parameters/timeframe are more likely to be defined

Project/content creation is generally transient


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